Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Painter's Painter

Welcome to 2010!!!!!

Seeing the Waterhouse show and Avatar all in one week was truly a senses breaker!!!!

All five senses exhausted but energized!!  That is the key.  The energy in both venues was what struck me the most.  Good painting and all great art hits you right in the heart.

Imagination!!!  We can manifest that which we believe is the truth!!

Witnessing the power of the earth and nature: recently with the earthquake in Haita has affected me deeply!!

Should I be  painting at a time like this?

Absolutely!   Aside from my donations, I posess an instinctive visual responsibility to paint an energetic positive  reference of our human existence.  We can dwell on the negative and in doing so, we cement its existence.  I prefer we look at our glasses half full and realize everything we do affects the positive balance of our surroundings.

Join me in our personal quests to help create a world of beauty where we can all live in peace!

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